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Ethical fashion is an all-encompassing statement used to describe ethical fashion design, production, retail, and purchasing covering a wide range of issues.


 Certain criteria must be met to claim the ethical fashion honor and most fashion companies haven’t reached that criteria yet, but the movement is growing.

The never ending supply of cheap clothes comes with a heavy price tag.  The ethical fashion industry addresses the problems that have been rampant in the industry and works to solve and build on a solid foundation to improve all of those issues.

working conditions of women in garment factories

Working conditions

Long hours and low wages are commonplace in the fashion industry as is gender discrimination and unsafe working conditions.

exploitation is rife in garment industry


The fashion industry is notorious in their exploitation of their employees, the animals, and natural resources.  Major fashion companies locate their production facilities to Second and Third World countries where they can employ anyone; usually poverty stricken women and children.

textile processing has horrible impact on the envrionment


Pollutants from pesticides from farming and dyes from the textile processing are swept into rivers and the surrounding areas affecting entire food chains, including the workers and their families.

mass killings of animals to use their skins for fashion

 Animal Welfare

The treatment of animals in the fashion industry is ugly and abhorrent. Animals are over bred and raised solely for their skins and fur.  Foxes, snakes, crocodiles, and minks are just a few of the members of the animal kingdom tortured before ultimately being killed for mass production of fashion.


The good news is that this reality is changing; changing for the better for all.  Ethical fashion is on the rise.  New fashion companies are proving that ethical fashion is not only a possibility, but a thriving option for the savvy compassionate shopper. Existing companies are starting to transition as well. Sufficient wages, safe working conditions, Fairtrade, sustainable products, and animal rights are being addressed and improved.   


People are waking up to the horrors of the fashion industry and demanding change. Organizations and influencers are spreading awareness and taking actions towards fashion companies, holding them accountable for their harmful, insufficient, and demeaning practices concerning their employees, work conditions, the animals, and the environment.

“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.” Mahatma Gandhi



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