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The fashion industry is horrible for our environment; second only to the oil industry.  The never ending production of cheap clothes is only increasing that negative outlook.

Water pollution, waste, and rainforest destruction is creating havoc in our environment and the time to change that is now.

The positive news is that there is progress moving forward in the industry as more people are waking up to the issues and adapting accordingly.


Water Pollution

Water pollution caused by garment industry


Dyeing, bleaching, fiber manufacturing, and even cotton farming production are all processed with chemicals.  Waste water from factories are untreated, toxic, and dumped directly into rivers and surrounding areas. The consequences are severe.  Workers, people living in the area, and plants and animals are basically poisoned on a daily basis. 


Stricter regulations for textile factories are growing and becoming more mainstream. More natural fibers are being produced than don’t require chemicals.


Waste Accumulation

Disposal of clothes causing filling up landfills


Clothing is disposable and people are ditching it in landfills. Millions of tons of textile waste are created each year in the United States.  The same rings true for European countries and really, just about all over the world.



People are choosing natural, less processed clothing.  Companies are producing better quality garments giving consumers more bang for their buck. Less clothes are thrown away and more are recycled.  Think second hand stores and passing along that t-shirt to the younger child as the clothing holds up much longer.


Rainforest Destruction

Rainforest destruction is threatening natural habitats for wildlife


Rainforest destruction is not only threatening wildlife, but ecosystems, and communities. Acres of these forests are destroyed and replanted with special trees used to make wood fabrics such as rayon.


Go natural to change company’s minds about what fabrics to use.  Research your local shops to see what products they are using and where they come from. Hold these companies accountable with your all mighty dollar.


Times are changing for the better and you can help that trend to continue. Our environment is counting on us.   Recycle, reuse, shop wisely, go natural, and check out the fashion companies you are purchasing from.


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