Pinatex Leather

Pinatex Leather

Vegan leather is changing the fashion world, one non-cruelty step at a time and you won’t believe what it’s made of!

All natural and environmentally friendly, this plant-based vegan leather alternative is a game changer when it comes to “leather” shoes, apparel, bags, and so much more.

Animal leather is out. Environmentally unsustainable, animal leather is becoming a way of the past due to its unethical, cruel, and pollutant heavy process.  It’s time to move forward with plant-based, better-for-all fashion alternatives.

This vegan leather sensation is called Pinatex and was developed by Dr. Carmen Hijosa. Hijosa’s company, Ananas Anam Ltd manufactures this vegan leather and the demand is growing.

Pinatex leather is the cruelty-free wave of the future for ethical fashion. This vegan leather is created from the waste of pineapple leaves, a by-product of the pineapple harvest; yes, simple pineapple leaves.  After harvesting the pineapples, the long fibers from the leaves are felted together to create a non-woven mesh. 

These rolls of mesh are sent to Spain to receive their specialized coating that gives this textile its leather-like appearance.  Pinatex is soft and flexible, yet very durable and versatile. By using this natural by-product, Pinatex provides positive social and economic impacts for the animals, our health, and the environment.

No extra resources like water or land are used, creating a perfect farming circle back to the ground as Pinatek is biodegradable after long term use.   

The vegan lifestyle is becoming more mainstream by the day and that includes many vegan nonfood choices too. 

The future is now and vegan leather will only continue to grow in popularity as people are demanding more ethical positive advances in vegan fashion.  They care as much about what they wear as what they eat.


You can check out who, what, and where by visiting Ananas Anam’s website to find your first vegan leather product for purchase.

The animals, your health, and Planet Earth will thank you. 


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