Refillable Makeup

  • Ecological: By creating a refillable system, we choose to act in favour of the environment. Thanks to this packaging, we produce less waste, use less plastic and consume less energy.
  • Economical: The packaging has a direct impact on the price of the product. By proposing to refill your products, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy premium quality make-up at a very affordable prices.
  • Playful: Our refillable packaging allows you to easily alternate all the colors depending on the mood of the moment. Just have several refills on hand to free your creativity.

    Sustainable packaging

    Eco-design is at the heart of our thinking. That’s why our primary packaging is bamboo. It is an ecological raw material because it has a phenomenal growth without the need of any fertilizers or pesticides. Bamboo only needs 4 to 5 years to regenerate against a minimum of 30 years for a tree! The bamboo used for our packaging grows in endemic forests in protected areas.

    Our secondary packaging is made of cotton. Our bamboo products are sold in elegant cotton pouches to further protect them. These pouches can be reused for other uses, unlike cardboard cases which are immediately thrown away.

    Our research and development program plans to replace cotton pouches with bamboo fibre pouches from the end of 2018. We continue to focus on our favourite bamboo due to the very low environmental impact of harvesting this renewable material!

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